Security Systems

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Custom Tailored Solutions

On-premise security projects including cameras, access controls, switches, DVRs or servers, centralized control units and wiring can be very costly capital projects that weigh on any organizations budget

Our way of business

Costly Project coupled with hardware that provide hackers backdoor access, prove to be a disastrous situation.

Our engineers conduct walthroughs to assess each project requierment. Hardware and monitoring tools are custom selected to provide clients with mobile scalable and secure surveillance infrastructure.


Solution that can manage employee and visitor access to any location per user code.


Technology capable of expanding as your footprint grows and can attend all requests from bits to yottabytes.


Gather and utilize valuable data to better understand how people enter and exit your facilities.

Our Approach

As a vendor agnostic provider, we are here to custom tailor security solutions to fit your particular needs and do it all without a single upfront bill — Introducing the Subscription Model with all capital costs stream-lined to a monthly invoice.


Featured Solutions

Access Control

Control and Monitor the traffic in and out of any facility with seamless options

  • Electronic Code
  • Key Card Access
  • Biometric
  • Facial Recognition
  • Retina Scanning
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Video Surveillance Systems

Tailor designed selection of products required to meet the goals of any surveillance project. We provide an array of products from motion sensor cameras, vandal proof outdoor domes, racks, cabinets, and more to complete your video surveillance control center.

Video Management Systems

Leverage the power of a centralized control unit that can upload to the Cloud, control individual camera views, view live feeds or searchable recorded in-stances, record audio on the fly, manage auto-detected issues and receive au-tomated reports from an intuitive platform.

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