One of the most significant and challenging things to deal with as a business owner is a technology you have to use. It’s a challenge when you have phones, copiers, and VOIP phone systems that are there to make your life easier but make it more problematic.

When these items go on the fritz, you can’t manage your business effectively because you’re putting out fires instead of focusing on the tasks you need to do that day.

At Intrinsic Technology Group, we understand your concerns; our goal is to make it easier for you to deal with Cloud services and everything else. We provide you with high-quality IT support so that you can get back to running your company instead of worrying about how customers are going to contact you and dealing with the issues that tend to plague business owners.

What We Do

Our job, if you choose to hire us, is to make sure that all of your technology-based products work correctly. We can help you choose copiers and printers that have all the technology you desire.

We also understand that your phones are your lifeline. While many people prefer to shop online, you’re sure to get some customers that just can’t or won’t learn how to use the internet. These people need to be able to call and get help. If your VOIP phone systems aren’t working right, we can help you fix them or can get you upgraded to a new, better system.

We understand that when something goes wrong with your technology, you may not have an in-house IT support system to turn to. We offer that service so that you’re never alone but only have to call on us when you need us.

If you require cloud services, we can help you. We serve the locations of Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island in New York.