How an assessment from Intrinsic Technology Group can transform your business

How an assessment from Intrinsic Technology Group can transform your business

Not all technology companies are the same.

I’ve worked and interacted with them for over 35 years in many capacities. If you’ve been around it as long as I have, you probably noticed tremendous gains in advancements, from size and speed to their capabilities.

Mainframes that needed an outrageous amount of footprint moved to servers, located in what could be considered, large air-controlled closets. Today’s processors are minuscule and provide speed thousands the time than their predecessors.

There are software programs available to do anything from measuring your heartbeat or steps, calculating your taxes, and even the simulation of flying a jumbo jet. Both hardware and software are changing faster than ever, and sometimes it is hard to keep up with it. Especially in the business word.

When I ask my clients and prospects about what they have implemented to improve their bottom line in 2019, it’s almost always about increasing sales, improving marketing strategies and gaining more market share.

While I totally agree that those are valuable implementations, to what degree will it make your company better? Are there any guarantees? What do you think the percentage of success is going to be with your plan? If you are a gambling man, you would bet on its percentages or just hope for the best.

The message I am trying to portray is that technology has no boundaries. It is ever changing and you should have a professional company like Intrinsic Technology Group to keep your company on the competitive edge.

What if I told you an in-depth assessment of your company’s technology can provide you so much more of a return than just a sales plan. According to a 2018 WSJ article the average company spends 3.28% of their revenue on technology and the blog Techvera claims the average small company (less than 50 million) spends 6.9% of their revenue on IT. Mid-sized (between $50 million and 2 Billion) Send 4.1%.

No matter the size of your business a good percentage of your revenue is spent on technology. A $50 million company will spend $3.45 million per year or $17.25 million over the next five. With that said, those budgets are allocated every year and they are growing. Intrinsic Technology Group breaks out key categories of the existing budget, and analyzes what current technologies and resources can provide you more for less. Rather than just updating hardware, adding more technical staff, renewing licenses and calling it a day, we dig deep into your daily challenges.

As a solutions company, it is our job to uncover the challenges your management and staff face, and implement technology that will streamline procedures, add efficiencies, increase productivity and lower costs.

Yes, you heard right! We will lower your existing budgets.

99.9% of all companies are not in the technology field. You are manufacturers, accountants, lawyers, non-profits, construction trades, logistics, hospitality…the list goes on. You should be focusing on your company’s processes and leaving the technical stuff to those who do it for a living.

I have a client who recently came to the conclusion that he wanted to set his focus on the business side of his practice and hand off the technical responsibilities to a third party. Both areas of business required 100% of his time, and not being able to distribute the responsibility was taking a toll on his business, his employees and his clients.

We realized the business was lacking enhancements and security measures that could have spelled disaster. After a careful assessment, did a major overhaul.

We implemented a hybrid solution that provided his staff with the capabilities to work from anywhere in the world. Their desktops and phones could go anywhere they went. This now allowed flextime and remote days, which allowed his employees to spend more time with their families. The result? Morale and productivity increased.

The VOIP phone solution was customized for specific reporting that identified weak links in their customer service area and reduced the average 30 minute to an hour return call to under five minutes.

Missed calls after hours were converted into clients, which boosted business by over 8% after only three months. A 24-hour attendant directed calls to the appropriate representative without paying any salary, tax or fringe benefit. This allowed for higher raises to key employees who were considering leaving for higher wages.

Security measures were put in place to stop spam, malware, phishing attacks and Ransom ware.

Compliance issues were met in many areas including data encryption, dual authentication, data retention and duplication. Again, the list goes on and on.

The point of my story is this: we incorporated powerful additions and lowered their overall budget by 17%.

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