Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, based on virtualization, takes a very different approach to disaster recovery. With virtualization, the entire server, including the operating system, applications, patches and data is encapsulated into a single software bundle or virtual server. This entire virtual server can be copied or backed up to an offsite data center and spun up on a virtual host in a matter of minutes.

Since the virtual server is hardware independent, the operating system, applications, patches and data can be safely and accurately transferred from one data center to a second data center without the burden of reloading each component of the server. This can dramatically reduce recovery times compared to conventional (non-virtualized) disaster recovery approaches.

We use a combination of local devices and offsite cloud storage to back up and protect your critical information, saving you time and costs in the event of equipment malfunction, fire, theft or other unforeseen incidents. We ensure business continuity by ensuring a fire drill response to both operational and disaster recovery.

  • Email, Faxes, Application Data, Documents, Media Files etc storage and back up

  • Automatic policy driven scheduled Backups

  • Aggressive Backup schedule if warranted

  • Files tagged, compressed, encrypted, and transferred offsite

  • Enhanced, high performance replication queuing system

  • Redundant and automatic fail over

  • Flexible easy to configure retention

  • Monitor security profile for threats

  • Files, Folders, Data easily recoverable