Building and Implementing a Solid Backup Strategy

Your business data is an asset as well as a responsibility. Managing it requires a thorough investigation of tools and resources that fit your company's needs and budget. Most importantly, however, it's vital to build and implement a backup strategy designed to keep data secure—protected from things like accidental erasure, ransomware, and any other threats. For on-premises to cloud-based backup as a solution, many businesses are turning to managed IT services to provide multi-type protection for their data. Without reliable data backup, you risk vital aspects of your business and customer trust.

SIEM Vs Firewall: Why Do You Need a SIEM When You Already Have a Firewall?

At this age time, cybercrime has become a commonplace. Corporate organizations should take action to ensure that their information system remains proof from cyber-attacks. That calls for efficient computer security systems. In that regard, organizations have two approaches that can help them safeguard their computer and information systems. This article discusses the reason why you need to bolster your IT platform using SIEM, despite having installed a Firewall. However, let's first understand the difference between the two.

Security against Ransomware: An MSP’s Guide to Best Practices

Cyber world has been under attack by Ransomware since 1989 and in the recent years we have a seen a significant increase in these attacks, most of which are targeted towards Healthcare, Government, Education and Non-profit organizations. Though practically speaking, no one is truly safe from a ransomware attack. Hackers target organizations that have sensitive data, thus increasing the probability of getting ransom. Factors like known vulnerabilities, lack of employee training, technology used for the attack, cost of implementation, etc. also influence the attack.  

Printer and Network Security

During the first six months of 2018 alone, an estimated 4.5 billion data records were breached by hackers worldwide, bringing to light the ever-growing problem of network security. As more and more records are digitized it's predicted that cyber attacks will continue to be a growing threat, and unscrupulous hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their use of tools such as AI-driven chatbots, ransomware and cryptojacking.